URMAN Induction Resource Signposts

There is a wealth of information relevant to induction and orientation for new staff available on the UCD website, accessible in a number of locations but all linked through the UCD People & Organisation Development: Supporting New Starters in UCD page. A part of this includes local induction. However, sometimes the most relevant support can actually come from relationships across different units in the University. URMAN, the UCD Research Managers and Administrators Network was established in 2013 to facilitate these relationships, especially for Research Managers and Administrators, who may be hired in centralised support units or directly working with researchers in many capacities. URMAN has created this summary document to help signpost the information that is available, with particular reference to Research Managers and Administrators moving into new roles in UCD.

URMAN Website

URMAN holds regular networking and information events throughout the year and provides resources to members. Sign up on the membership tab: URMAN welcomes applications from all personnel with a research manager or administrator role in UCD and all personnel in Support Units

providing services to Researchers. New members are invited to meet with members of the Advisory Group for a monthly informal welcome and induction over coffee.

If you would like to become more involved, consider joining one of our working groups:

  • Events Working Group
  • Membership & Communications Working Group
  • Career Development Working Group
  • AIREN Working Group

Join the conversations in our Google Currents Community and LinkedIn URMAN network. You can get in touch with URMAN Advisory Group through urmanexec@ucd.ie



All-Island Research Excellence Network

University College Dublin (UCD), Ulster University (Ulster) and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) have joined forces to connect Research Managers and Administrators across the island of Ireland. The AIREN project, which runs from 2021 – 2023, is being delivered with support from InterTrade Ireland’s Synergy initiative. 

Sign up on the membership tab, and join the Away Days, Workshops and Conference to deliver the following 3 objectives: 

  • Share Research Management best practice and knowledge
  • Identify and develop research thematic areas and maximise funding opportunities
  • Establish an All-Island Research Excellence Network

EARMA – European Association of Research Managers and Administrators

UCD is an institutional member of EARMA, so all research managers and administrators working in UCD are eligible to be members. This can be arranged through the institutional contact point, Xuefang Alterman xuefang.alterman@ucd.ie 
EARMA provides a useful European network, and provides training and events throughout the year, including an annual conference. 

UCD Research & Innovation Services Portal

The UCD Researcher Portal includes a comprehensive suite of documents, information and points of contact, spanning the entire research project lifecycle, based on the “researcher journey”. It is a “one stop shop” of virtually all the resources needed to manage Research within UCD.

http://www.ucd.ie/peopledevelop ment/ourservices/newtoucd

UCD People & Organisation Development: Supporting New Starters in UCD

UCD People & Organisation Development, a part of HR, has a landing page for Supporting New Starters. This provides links to

  • Work@UCD page
  • UCD onboarding page is available through InfoHub which provides comprehensive checklists, information and actions pre-arrival, first week and first month
  • information on booking the centralised Orientation for New Employees Programme which is run a number of times per year
  • information on the Local Induction Process which includes a Local Induction Checklist and Employee Orientation Policy document and a number of other resources.

Download URMAN Induction Resource Signposts  here