UCD Research Managers and Administrators Network (URMAN)

The purpose of our UCD network for Research Managers and Administrators is to:

  • deliver benefits to the University
  • and the network members

    Our objectives include:

  • Improve recognition and identity for the profession of research administration and management
  • Improve opportunities to share knowledge and best practice with a view to developing standardised processes and procedures where appropriate.
  • Provide a “voice” to the groups in terms of lobbying and influencing UCD policies and practices as they pertain to research activities
  • To identify common training and professional development requirements for the group and ensure delivery of same
  • To provide a forum for engagement with outside parties for example funders, NCPs, IUA and EUA.


    Self-Selection to the Network by eligible employees as follows-

  • All personnel with a research manager or administrator role in UCD
  • All personnel in Support Units providing services to Researchers